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Shipping to Czech Republic / Package to Czech Republic

Do you need to organise a transport to the Czech Republic?
We will help you with this and calculate the freight costs for
shipping to the Czech Republic for you, completely non-binding.
We can support you if you want to send several or
even one parcel to the Czech Republic. Popular d
estinations for sending to the Czech Republic are to the capital
Prague or to the industrially larger cities of Brno (Brno) and
Plzen (Pilsen). Let us plan your transport and we w
ill convince you of our services with our person
al customer service and our short running times.
Are you planning a special transport to the Czech Republic? We
can also support you and discuss your pr
oject together. Call a transport specialist
from our team or email us via the contact form.

Transport to the Czech Republic with transport insurance

The value of your package to the Czech Republic exc
eeds the maximum insurable value of a regular parcel servi
ce rinser? No problem! Our spactious insurance comp
anies make it possible to send high-priced goods
insured to theCzech Republic. These include, for exam
ple.B cigarettes and cigars, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Shipping by forwarding company – Czech Republic

Transporting goods from Germany to the Czech Republic
is our specialty. However, in order to offer you our
best price, we need some information about your shipme
nt from you in advance. Please prepare the following data
and information:

  • Gross and net weight of shipment
  • Number of packages and type of packages
  • Dimensions of the packages
  • Goods type and value
  • Pick-up address and delivery address
  • possibly special delivery dates or delivery times
  • necessary extras such as loading board, crane unloading, etc.

Contact us by e-mail and we will convince
you of our value for money with a non-bindin
g offer for you.